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How to Bet on Sports

Bet on Super Bowl 51

Last year, according to Las Vegas sportsbooks, people bet more than $132.5 million on the Super Bowl game. The amount of money bet on the Super Bowl has mostly increased year by year, with a couple of exception years; this year is guessed to be higher than ever. And why not? Again, a monster of a game featuring a never-won-at-Super-Bowl against a very tried-and-proved team — so we’ve got that gutsy underdog angle, or the faith in a previous Super Bowl champion team … who was just here the year before last.

Proposition bets such as these are one of the most fun and popular types of wagers you can make during the Super Bowl. One hot group of wagers is surely going to be concerning the opposing quarterbacks’ passing yardage, their completions, their TDs. This is of great interest because the game features a wildly talented but now one of the oldest QBs in the game against a very fast-rising QB star. Age doesn’t always mean old: For instance, Peyton Manning’s stunning performance in his last games before retiring makes this a difficult question.

Another extremely popular bet is a bit on the lighter side. What will Lady Gaga’s hair color be when she performs at half-time; will the MVP of the Puppy Bowl be a purebred or mixed breed; how many times will Donald Trump tweet during the game?

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